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Kings of Darkness - The Dracula's Legacy Saga

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Kings of Darkness Box Set Launch Date: February 12th, 2016

The Greatest Thriller Vampire Novel!

Overall Trilogy Book Description.

Reared in the dark hallways of Dracula’s castle, two brothers vie for supremacy and their father’s attention. The young vampires, Valerian and Argus, grow to adulthood under the tutelage of their powerful father and the kingdom he rules. However, a rising, almighty force divides asunder Dracula’s realm, splintering his troops, his vast followers...and his sons.

Years pass and triumphs fade, opening a door to the avenging brothers, who are set on reclaiming what they see as rightfully theirs. There are few who stand in their way, as they build opposing kingdoms, set apart from one another by a great distance but not great enough to prevent bloodshed and war. Overcome by an insatiable drive for blood and power, the brothers descend into a clash of arms that imperils every living creature, both vampire and human alike.

Were it not for Hanine, a human of rare beauty and tenacity, the landscape would already be void of even a single beating heart. She is the path to peace, but is betrothed to a man whose life will be changed forever in a rage-filled moment and the sting of a vampire’s bite. Hanine battles a host of outside forces that would bend her will to theirs, as well as a burning, consuming love she has developed for one of the accursed brothers.

Valerian and Argus are Kings of Darkness. They are uniquely acquainted with lust, power, and death. The brothers were born to rule and reign in blood and horror... but the love of a single woman may change mankind’s future and seal her twisted fate forever. Descend into the depths of depravity and taste life’s bitter curse for those who dare learn the secret of Dracula’s legacy. It is a tale you will not soon forget.

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